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Master: Intello Live (DE/EN article)


Weil rumheulen ja langweilig ist, hab ich gleich am Samstag nachdem ich Freitag eben rumgeheult habe, Nägel mit Köpfen gemacht und mir einen Plan geplant.

English Version:

After being a sissy on Friday I made new plans about my live appearances on Saturday. Yay!

Nägel und Köpfe

So sieht’s denn wohl aus in meinem Brain. Ich werde meinen alten Podcast zMixes reaktivieren und in Zukunft wieder öfter mal ein Mixtape dort raushauen. Die MP3s werde ich auch hier direkt veröffentlichen. Playlisten wird es geben und alle werden sich freuen und gegenseitig mit Gold beschütten. Ich werde dafür wahrscheinlich andere Projekte zurückfahren. Im Auge habe ich das Digitale Grundrauschen. Eventuell aber werde ich die Mixtapes dort rausbringen…das weiss ich noch nicht.

Fans, über die hatte ich mich beschwert, wisst ihr was. Die seid ihr! Die diesen Blog lesen. Warum also nicht diesem kleinen Publikum etwas zukommen lassen?

Nuts and Bolts

This is just how my brain rolls. I’ll reanimate my old zMixes Podcast and will every once in a while publish a new mixtape. The MP3’s will also be downloadable directly here. There will be playlists and everyone will rejoice and everyone will lavish gold over the other.

I was complaining about my audience. You know what? That’s you! You who is reading this blog. Why not giving something to the special person you are?

Some Pictures

Planning the (Ableton) Live Set:


Looks much more complicated than it really is. Traktor will get synced to Ableton. Traktor is clock master. Both decks are getting fed directly into two channels in Ableton, where I can add FX to the sound. Ableton will have four tracks pre-set and pre-equipped with FX and each track will have Traktors Output as Input. My plan is to build up a set in Live while playing. So I’ll start off with Traktor only, record bits and pieces in Live (Look at T1-T4). Then I can start mashing the recorded material with Traktor while still being able to record new stuff. After a transition period it should be possible to play with Live only and then do a live remix of the stuff I was just playing.

Laying out the interface for TouchOSC:


The first page is for controlling Traktor Pro. Second page will also be for Traktor. Third and fourth page are reserved for Ableton Live. Didn’t make any plans about that yesterday…

The iPhone will be a quite crucial part of this Set. I still have hopes to minimize its usage, though, because it has its disadvantages over “real” musical devices like my TriggerFinger. Having an iPad would mean a big plus for this set, as someone has built LiveControl. Although LiveControl runs on iPhones as well, the interface elements get too dense and not very useful for these purposes. Still need to find a solution for the Live controlling problem…any ideas? :-/

In the picture above you see:

  • Green FX controls: Button to turn on/off FX chains. Dials to set FX.
  • Violet EQ controls: Buttons for killing bands and dials for cut/boost.
  • Red volume controls: Deck A/B, very small, mainly, because I don’t really need them, just occasionally for making cut effects. On the bottom is a crossfader.
  • Blue select buttons to select either Deck A or B.
  • Yellow loop buttons for setting in and out points for loops.

Plus: I haven’t used whether in this whole article!