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Master: Second Demo of Intello

Intello Demo 2

My first demo of Intello was not very detailed. Therefore I’ve recorded two new demos showing my plugin. Since yesterday the new “Linear Mode” is finally working.

Intello now has the k-factor. Yo!


Intello, abbreviation for Intelligent Looping Device by the way, will have a couple of different Loop- and Glitch-Modes. Two are already properly functioning.

Simple Mode “holds” whatever signal is going through the device and then loops it. Using the Fine and Gross Length sliders the loop length can be determined manually.

In Linear Mode, however, the loop length is generated automatically. My assumption was that there is a relation between a loops’ length change and mathematical functions. Linear Mode changes each loop according to a factor k which determines at which “rate” each loops’ length should be shortened (or widened). So setting k to 0.5 means that the next loop will be half the previous one and so on. (500ms, 250ms, 125ms, …)

There will be more functions implemented in the future. I’m planning to implement:

  • Logarithmic
  • Exponential
  • Fibonacci

In my opinion a logarithmical or Fibonacci sequence change in a loops’ length will sound much more “natural” and nice to our ears than a linear change. Like the second video shows…linear sounds awful.

Intello: Simple Mode

Intello: Linear Mode